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Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

We invest the time and energy while applying our expertise to understand the relationship between your business and the physical assets that are required to effectively compete in the market. With thirty eight years under our belt, the experiences and situations that we have effectively resolved provide a unique perspective on what worked yesterday vs what is required to compete in today’s global and increasingly competitive environment. Our ability to connect the past with the present results in a fresh perspective that produces superior outcomes.

The level of detail that we go into is un-surpassed and drastically boosts our credibility and our reputation in solving complex problems.

We believe in doing things right the first time and this requires a level of commitment and adherence to standards that most others simply pass-by. Whether we are supporting the annual filing of Vacancy Applications or inspecting a facility to develop alternative valuation methodologies, we un-cover as many stones as feasibly possible to support the delivery of the big RED red easy button for all stakeholders.

The ultimate test of our success is the company that we keep. We pride ourselves on long standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturing and industrial clients, most of which have enjoyed working relationships with AEC that pre-date the internet, VHS and the fax machine.


Case Studies

Receivership divests M&E, while attempting to recover value for a built-to-suit property

Industrial client's property tax class change to Light Industrial

Sample Clients

Ford Motor Company
Toyota Motors
Domtar Inc.
Ciment Saint-Laurent
Imperial Tobacco
Cangro Foods
Studios of America
Smart Technologies
Breconridge (former Nortel)
Cott Corporation
Hiram Walker & Sons


Case Study 1: Recovering Value for a Built-to-Suit Property


Receiver apointed to wind down and sell assets associated w former tool and die facility including real and personal property.

Receiver initiated assignment by selling machinery + equipment to liquidator who occupied premises for purposes of cataloguing, marketing and eventually auctioning off equipment.


Subject property was purpose built by previous occupant which intrinsically suggests that value in use will not be recovered in "exchange" of market place.

In parallel, real property is listed for sale where subject represents

- largest available industrial property in municipality
- design build property within manufacturing sector that is struggling within economy
- numerous offers over 18-24 month period, all significantly below replacement cost


AEC was able to develop the best case scenario for the client wherein their objectives of selling their machinery & equipment to utilize the real estate with appropriate valuation.

Client Success

Subject sells for 50% of replacement cost to owner / user where subject is going to be altered for retail distribution.

Case Study 2: Property Tax Class Change to Light Industrial


This industrial client has a British Columbia property classified as Class 6 - Business / Other. The issue was whether parts of the properties should be classified as Class 6 - Light Industrial, given further investigation upon the use of the facility.

There is tax savings potential by changing property tax class.


AEC won the initial appeal to the Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB). However, BC Assessment did not agree and pursued further appeal to a stated case on point of law.

The danger is that if not represented correctly with discerning details, the client risk losing the tax savings previously gained.


AEC, through this case, pioneered the approach that the client's facility should be considered Light Industry, and as such, a lower tax class rate should be applied.  AEC's focused approach on, not only the letter of the law, but its interpretation as it pertains to the details has enabled the court to award the appeal in favour of AEC's client.

Client Success

The client's subject property has been deemed as Light Industrial and will continue to receive tax savings associated with the lower tax class rate.